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Vehicle sales agreement

Vehicle Sales Agreement is an agreement by which the seller undertakes to deliver a vehicle to the purchaser and to allow the transfer of ownership of the vehicle and in return the purchaser undertakes to pay the agreed sale price to the seller. This agreement is intended to be used in case of standard motor vehicles, it does not contain for example craft and agricultural vehicle specific provisions. The agreement covers:

– vehicle’s optional equipment;
– vehicle’s defects and shortcomings;
– whether the vehicle has been wrecked;
– vehicle’s sale conditions — whether the vehicle is sold in the state that it is in or whether the vehicle, regards to matters that have not been regulated by the agreement, has to conform to a quality not less than average;
– terms and conditions of the transfer of ownership and possession;
– registration of the vehicle (whether first registration, re-registration, or deregistration);
– vehicle’s sale price and payment procedure;
– penalty for late payment and contractual penalty;
– liability and jurisdiction.

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