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Terms of using DigiLegal application for contract formation

By entering the application, a binding agreement between owner of DigiLegal application – eLeping OÜ (Service Provider) and a user comes into force. The Parties have agreed that:

  • DigiLegal is the application which helps user to create contracts. In case of providing an opportunity to use DigiLegal application the matter involves no rendering legal service by the provider thereof. The user forms contract at their sole risk. The service provider is not capable to guarantee that contract formed shall cover all risks of the user or conform with the user expectations since the output depends on the information of the questionnaire inserted by the user;
  • The service provider shall be not liable for whatever obligations of the user, which arise from the contracts formed when using DigiLegal application;
  • The user shall have a right to print out contract formed in DigiLegal application and share them with their contracting partners, and, in case of a commercial need or necessity arising from legal acts – with the third parties too;
  • Distribution of DigiLegal contract templates and questionnaires – whether for cash or free, with or without amendment — is prohibited;
  • Contracts provided by DigiLegal are formed pursuant to law of the Estonian Republic, and they obviously fail to conform to conditions of use in the event that such contract is regulated by law of some other state;
  • The user is aware that the Service Provider shall not disclose information about the user or contracts formed to third persons unless in a case when such obligation arises for the Service Provider from legal act of the Estonian Republic;
  • Copying, amending or using DigiLegal application for any other purpose except forming contracts provided by the application, without prior written consent of the Service Provider, is prohibited;
  • The user has carefully read, understood and irrevocably agrees to all terms of using DigiLegal;

In the event of failure to reach agreement in disputes in regard with the application by negotiations, such disputes shall be resolved in Harju County Court in compliance with law of the Estonian Republic.